Cian Lynch Style Hurley

The Cian Lynch Style Hurley is designed for top performance, featuring a normal boss similar to Cuddy style with a nice kick back at the handle. Lightweight and easy to handle, it’s perfect for all levels of play. Used by All-Ireland champion Cian Lynch. Available in light, medium, and heavy weights.


Cian Lynch Style Hurley - Precision and Performance

The Cian Lynch Style Hurley is crafted for hurlers who seek precision and performance. This hurley features a normal boss similar to the classic Cuddy style, ensuring familiarity and ease of use. The design includes a nice kick back at the handle, providing excellent grip and control, while the slightly more pointed heel enhances maneuverability. Key Features:
  • Normal Boss: Similar to Cuddy style for a traditional feel.
  • Kick Back Handle: Improved grip and control.
  • Pointed Heel: Enhanced maneuverability.
  • Multiple Weights: Available in light, medium, and heavy to suit different player preferences.
Used by the renowned All-Ireland champion Cian Lynch, this hurley is perfect for players at any level, providing the quality and performance needed to excel in the game. Order your Cian Lynch Style Hurley today and elevate your play to championship standards.

Declan Hannon Style Hurley - Power and Durability

The Declan Hannon Style Hurley is built for power and durability, making it the ideal choice for serious hurlers. This hurley features a bigger boss than the traditional Cuddy style, offering a more substantial striking surface for powerful hits. The rounded back design further enhances its performance, providing stability and strength during play.

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